6 Lead Generation Tactics for a Strong Business


For any small or medium sized business, a clear strategy for lead generation is an integral element to establishing yourself within a competitive market. There are decisively effective moves that can position a dedicated company in a strong direction.

In an effort to maximize marketing dollars and position your business for the most qualified leads, we’ve compiled a list of six tips to generate more for less.

1. Write regularly to demonstrate expertise and remain engaged with your customer base – great messaging and subject matter can make waves outside your customer base. Let your thought leadership drive brand awareness and open previously untapped avenues to influence and grow your customer following.

2. Take the guess work out of your website with clear calls-to-action (CTA) – don’t assume all visitors will find the ‘contact us’ page. Place a lead form on every page of your website. Place clear markers directing step-by-step moves to qualify more leads and capture more information. Consider free marketing tools such as Hubspot.

3. Place testimonials and case studies in prominent locations – what better advocates could a company ask for than a satisfied customer? Position all business referrals in high visibility locations for your site, social media and email campaigns to let past experiences do the talking.

4. Strategically target potential leads through social media - utilize social channels with promotional features, such as Facebook Post Boosting, and target specific groups that correlate with your existing customer base. A good reminder is to focus on content that invokes a response and starts a conversation. Develop a rapport with your following by writing to engage and interact rather than consistently push advertisements.

5. Direct mail still has a place in small business marketing – less tech savvy prospects are prime targets through direct mail. Segmentation of a direct mail campaign is viewed as more personal than email and can offer higher returns if you incorporate a strong call-to-action.

6. Offer promotions as an introduction to new customers – who doesn’t enjoy rewards? Based off the PRRI-US Consumer Survey below, it’s pretty clear young and old alike appreciate a coupon or promotional deal with multiple ways of redemption. Consider offering a discount for a limited time or for a limited quantity. The scarcity of the promotion will produce a sense of urgency and generate new customers.

These tactics can better position a small, growing business in a positive direction but it’s important to remember that you can’t ‘set it and forget it.’ Continue to move with the market and try new tactics to survive as a small business owner and gain market share in your industry.

There are opportunities to generate leads with little to no funds necessary but allocating money in the right direction can multiply returns time and time again. Consider partnering with a capital lender to ensure you have the financial resources at the most opportune time.

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