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Top 5 Reasons Your Bank Loan Was Denied

Securing a small business loan can be an incredibly frustrating process. The application process with a traditional bank loan can include weeks of...

Tips for Business Owners

February 23, 2016

Small Business in the News: February 13-19, 2016

We know there is too much to keep up with when you’re a busy entrepreneur, so we compile small business news highlights each week for you to read only...

Business News

February 19, 2016

Why Your Business Card May Not Be Protected

Business owners are constantly in need of capital, whether that comes from business loans, business credit cards, investments, or savings. If you’ve...

What the Rate Hike Means for Business Loans

The U.S. nearly made it through 2015 free of any rate hikes until about two weeks ago. The Federal Reserve decided to raise interest rates for the...

Business Loan vs. Business Credit Card

It’s an unfortunate statistic for entrepreneurs, but only about half of all new start-ups survive five years or more. Whether it’s because they didn’t...

Tips for Business Owners

November 16, 2015

A Breakdown of Alternative Lending

Business loans have increasingly become more difficult to obtain for small business owners. In fact, about half of all new establishments survive five...

Borrower Resources

October 22, 2015