A Financial Management Platform For Business Owners

Running a small business is incredibly difficult, there are always too many things to do and not enough hours in the day. And its no secret that most business owners find organizing their numbers tedious and time-consuming—it is. But its also incredibly important to building a sustainable business.

That’s where BodeTree from SnapCap can help.

BodeTree is a complete financial management platform that helps small business owners organize their finances in minutes, with no manual data entry required. No more checking multiple accounts at different institutions or digging through shoeboxes of receipts to map out your transaction history.

BodeTree connects directly to all your business financial data—bank and credit union accounts, credit cards, ancillary services like PayPal and Amazon payments, and accounting systems like QuickBooks and Xero—and instantly aggregates and organizes them in one place.

Not Your Average Financial Management Solution

You’re not a financial expert? No problem. With BodeTree from SnapCap, you can quickly turn disparate financial information and maybe-not-so-updated accounting systems into a single, organized picture of how your business is doing, in real-time.

BodeTree’s bank sync technology connects directly to over 25,000 financial institutions to automatically categorize each transaction flowing through your business, resulting in automatically constructed financial statements that are always up to date.


Put Your Small Business On Track For Big Growth

Having a clear picture of how your business is performing today is critical to making decisions that help you move towards a bright future. BodeTree helps you build a financial roadmap with sophisticated yet easy-to-use features like a business health evaluator that breaks down exactly how your business is performing in key areas and a full valuation tool to show what the market value of your work really is.

The best part is that BodeTree is designed for all small businesses, not just certain industries or revenue levels. From brand new startups to growing mid-sized franchises to long-running family businesses, BodeTree from SnapCap can help streamline financial management process.

SnapCap customers are now able to access the BodeTree premium platform with the full suite of financial tracking and analytic tools for free. Register for an account today.

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