Five Minutes To Financial Literacy

At SnapCap, we work with small business owners every day to help them grow their businesses through smart financial decisions. But for a business owner who hasn’t looked at their financial data in months (maybe more?), the whole process can still be overwhelming.

Luckily, SnapCap’s new financial management tool from BodeTree is designed to ease—not add to—your financial burdens. Take the example of the Kale Café in Daytona Beach, Florida. They’re a real business with real growth potential, but like many other small businesses out there, financial management is a somewhat foreign concept.

Bringing Financial Management To Your Door (Or Computer)

During a recent project with MSNBC’s Your Business Team, BodeTree was able to work with the Kale Cafe to highlight just how important (and easy) financial management can be.

With a growing business (and family), the owners of the Kale Café were overwhelmed with the amount of time and effort it would take the get a hold of their finances. Fortunately for them, BodeTree was able to collect their financial information, organize it and present them with a real view into their historical, current and future financial picture in just a few minutes.

The Value of Knowing Your Numbers

No matter how new or established your business, understanding where you stand today and how far you’ve come is incredibly useful. Applying for funding, creating detailed reports, or just creating an organized accounting system (that you’ll actually use) can take days, weeks or even months of work—time most small business owners don’t have to waste. But with BodeTree from SnapCap, it takes just a few clicks and a few minutes.

To get started with your free BodeTree from SnapCap account today, just visit and in less than five minutes you’ll be headed in the right direction.

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