How SnapCap uses LinkedIn to Reach Small Business Owners

Small business owners are the engine of growth in the United States and it's crucial they have access to capital to enable them to thrive. But how do financial service providers engage effectively when businesses are at various stages of the growth cycle and there is a lack of confidence in the sector?

Our latest case study Engine of Growth highlights how SnapCap succeeded in developing a targeted, tailored campaign that showcases its unique and uncomplicated approach to business lending.

The partnership set out to achieve a clear set of goals for SnapCap:

  • Promote its loan products and services to a wide audience of business owners and decision makers
  • Build long-term relationships and position itself as a preferred service provider within the small business community

The targeting capabilities of LinkedIn’s tools helped SnapCap deliver a successful and engaging campaign that achieved:

  • Tenfold increase in followers since the start of 2016
  • Larger loan approvals resulted from better quality leads
  • Higher conversion rates achieved in loans taken out by qualified merchants
  • Sponsored Content provided a meaningful contribution to the loan totals
  • Majority of users accepted a product faster than other marketing channels

Download Engine of Growth to discover the tools and strategies that helped SnapCap deliver a targeted campaign with unique content across various industries. Learn more about how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services can help your organization rethink its customer journeys.

This article originally appeared on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog by Menaka Thillaiampalam. 

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